3rd HCG Test

Well as usual nothing goes as planned for me. I ended up going to get my 3rd HCG Test on Monday and it went from 95 to 25. So my nursing team told me to stop all meds. I have yet to have any type of bleeding. So as of right now I’m not sure if I miscarried or what happened.

The nurse said that I could set up an appointment with my doctor to speak with her about the numbers and what went wrong. But honestly as of right now I don’t want to. I have thrown everything away! I don’t think I can do this again. I have had disappointment after disappointment after disappointment these last 2 years with trying to have a baby.

Maybe having a baby is not for me. Maybe all these disappointments is telling me that I don’t need to continue to try. But with everything that I have been through I just really want to give it up. I’m 30 years old going on 31. My husband is 9 years older than me. I have said numerous of times that this is my last time. My husband already has 2 kids from his previous relationships. Maybe this is God’s way of telling me that my husband does not want anymore. He had a vasectomy for a reason, to have no more kids. So I guess he is ultimately getting what he wanted while I just get whatever….

So heartbroken…… I knew I shouldn’t have gotten excited…..


2nd HCG Test…

Well my second test was yesterday…My HCG numbers should have doubled but it decreased.  So this is not a good sign.  My HCG went from 109 to 95.  The nurse said that I will still need to come in on Monday for another test.  If it has not at least doubled then I am not pregnant.  Ughh this is so stressful!!! I’m ready to quit and call it a day.  I looked up things online about HCG levels dropping and the only thing that I found was a miscarriage! This will be my first time ever being pregnant and I have a miscarriage!

So I guess as of right now I will just be hoping and praying that the test results are better than what it was on Friday.

1st Pregnancy Test (HCG Test)

So I’m a day late but I have been a little busy with helping my husband pack for his guys trip. But I went in for my first pregnancy test on Wednesday (8/8/18) and it was positive!!! Don’t remember my exact numbers for estrogen and progesterone but my HCG levels was at 109. I have another appointment on Friday, tomorrow, well depending on where you are in the country later on today lol.

When I found out I decided to tell my husband in a creative way. For those of you that have been following me knows my husband has 2 boys from previous relationships. So I decided to get him a shirt made that said “Future Father is THREE” and some Pittsburgh Steelers onesies (he likes the Eagles lol and I’m the Steelers fan). So when he opened the bag he pushed aside the onesie and read the shirt and was completely lost and confused lol. Men I swear!!! He kept saying that he don’t have triplets lol so I had to break it down to him and ask him how many kids does he currently have lol and he finally got it lol.

So needless to say yesterday was a good day. I’m just hoping that mg numbers are increasing as they should. I will post another update later.

One more thing, I almost kinda figured that I was pregnant because I have been extremely tired, I was getting motion sickness while riding or driving in a car (which I never had before), back hurts like hell, having different wants when it came to food. If this is how I am now and it’s this early I’m scared to see what the future has in store for me lol.

Good night loves!!!

2nd Transfer

It has been a few weeks since I posted anything.  So after the nurse messed up my transfer from the beginning of July I was determined not to finish the process.  But I thought long and hard about all of the things that I have been through to get this far so I decided to start the fresh embryo transfer over again.  I did request that I only speak with one nurse and the doctors office also ended up paying for my meds and the process since it was their screw up.

So I started the process over and I ended up having my transfer on July 27.  So you know what tomorrow is…..pregnancy test day!!! I’m so nervous and scared but excited at the same time.  I have been disappointed so many times within the past 2 years with trying to conceive.  It has been a struggle, financial wise, emotional and physically.

So I have a confession…3 days ago I went and bought a pregnancy test from the store.  I know it was probably too early.  I was nervous about taking it.  But I did, it was negative but I kept my hope alive because it could have been too early for the HCG levels to be detected.  I guess I will see what the blood test will have to offer me tomorrow.  I will be back tomorrow with the results.

Wish me luck!!!

FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)

Well my FET was supposed to be yesterday but instead I get a phone call around 8:30am telling me not to come in for my transfer because a nurse messed up my medication start date and my transfer day. So come to find out I was a day behind!!!

This hurts so bad!! I just don’t understand how or why they could mess up so bad. This means that everything that I have been doing for the past 30-40 days has been all for a waste. All my time, money, physical, emotional and mental feelings has all been for NOTHING!!!

They tell me that I have to start the FET process from the beginning in order to do a transfer. I can’t handle it. After my first failed IVF with this office and now this, I really don’t feel like dealing with them!! Well I guess this is my last post on here considering that I don’t plan on doing this again.

Good luck to all of you other ladies!!

It’s been a while…

So it has been a long time since I have been on here!  But I think the last time that I was on here it was right after my egg retrieval.  So I had 18 eggs that were retrieved, 14 were mature and 12 was fertilized.  Out of the 12 eggs 6 were fertilized at the beginning and 6 were left to grow.  And all of the 6 eggs grew to day 5 and/or day 6!!! so I have 12 frozen embryos!!!  Unfortunately, I was not able to do the fresh transfer because my hormone levels were out of the roof so I had to wait.  At first I was upset because I was ready to get everything completed and of course it would cost more money!

But everything worked out for the best, kinda! I still have not had my transfer yet.  I go in for that next Thursday, July 5th!  And my first pregnancy test will be July 17th; which is my husbands birthday.  So I’m praying and being very hopeful that it will be positive so I can give it to him as a surprise.  So I will not be taking him to the doctor’s office with me that day.

After my first cycle of IVF I am sooooo scared of this process.  I am trying to be very hopeful and positive about things but I am scared out of this world!  I just hope that everything works out this time around.

Egg Retrieval

Today was my egg retrieval! I know what you are thinking…why am I online lol.  But I’m only on here for a little while.  Wanted to get this out while I was thinking about it.  So far so good!  I am in pain but not too much!  This morning went really well.  They said that they retrieved 18 follicles.  Not sure how many were mature just yet so I should get a phone call tomorrow with that information.  So until then I am wishing and hoping for the best.  I will sign back in tomorrow to let you guys know.  I should be getting sleepy here shortly because I just took some pain meds….